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    A Beef About Rescues on Facebook in General

    I'm on Facebook. Recently, I've been receiving some rather disgusting pictures of dogs needing help from rescue groups that I have "liked." For example: one post had pictures of a pit bull that had its ears cut off. Another had a picture of a rescued pit that had been disemboweled by its...
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    Prayers for a Well Known Newf Breeder

    I just found out that a well known Newf breeder is having some serious complications from a previous hip replacement (we'll call her Jacqueline B.) She found out today that the prosthesis is starting to slip out of the bone. She has an appointment for Wednesday, August 2 to see if she is going...
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    Missing My Newf

    I am getting ready to have a hip replacement. Temporarily returned my Newf to the breeder who had him 7 years. Can't wait to get him again when I get better.
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    Happy Gotcha Day, Candyman!

    I picked up my current Newf from the breeder 1 year ago today! Easy to remember because its also my sister's birthday...
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    Prayers Needed for Friend's Newf

    A local friend of mine has a beautiful "Brownie" named Aunt Bee. Bee tore an ACL on Saturday and has had surgery. Dog is supposed to come home today. Bee's owner has requested prayers.
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    The Passing of Rhoda Lerman

    I regret to inform everybody that Rhoda Lerman has passed. She was the well known writer of "In the Company of Newfies." Some of us were also privileged to have owned her dogs. For those interested in further details, one of her daughters has more information posted on Rhoda's Facebook page. I...
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    Calza May 2, 2005 to September 20, 2014

    Unfortunately, my Calza crossed the bridge this past Saturday. It appears that some of her recent medical issues (bleeding) can be traced to a hemangiosarcoma, which took her life. She was doing okay, but not great the night before. She was acting like the 9 1/2 year old Newf that she was...
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    Prayers for Calza

    My 9 1/4 year old Landseer girl is in really bad shape. She has the following. 1. Active Lyme Disease. 2. Bleeding from a nipple. 3. Dark, asphalt like stool. 4. Tumors on a foot. The vet is afraid part if her left rear foot is going to have to be AMPUTATED. I have not been told this, but I...
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    How Does Your Newf Show That It's Spoiled?

    My Newf Calza hurled a Tupperware container at me tonight. It was one of the containers she gets treats from. I wasn't cutting Smoked Gouda fast enough for her.
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    2013 CNC Spring Fun Day

    The 2013 Colonial Newfoundland Club Spring Fun Day is being held SUNDAY, May 19. It is being held at Lake Accotink Park in Springfield, VA. Springfield is a suburb of Washington, DC. More information can be obtained by going to
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    Touching Base with NN Members on LinkedIN

    Folks: I wanted to let you know that if you've been trying to add me as a contact on LinkedIn that I am NOT ignoring you. It has been so long since I've used it that I forgot my login info to confirm people as contacts! I may even delete my account it has been so long since I have used it. I...
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    The Relationship Between Conformation and "Attitude"

    I have heard show people talk about "attitude" in show dogs. I was wondering how it interrelates with conformation to make a winning show dog. My current Newf, Calza, has her Ch. I have rehomed other show dogs who, in my opinion, had much better conformation. I was even told before I got her...
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    Newf Net Prayers for Calza Please!

    Calza is off her chow and is peeing like she has a UTI. We are SUPPOSED to go to the CNC Water Test next week and take pictures. Obviously, we can't go if Calza is peeing every two minutes. I am taking her to the vet first thing tomorrow.
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    Anybody Go to Marion, IL Show?

    I was curious to know if anybody here went to the Marion, Illinois show the weekend of August 4 and 5. I finished college in Carbondale and have some friends who still live there. They have been itching for me to come and visit sometiome,
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    CNC Water Test Premium UP

    The CNC is holding its annual Water Test August 27, 28 and 29 at Codorus State Park in Hanover, PA. WRDX is being held on Friday, August 27. WD and WRD on August 28 and 29. One can go to for a copy of the Premium.
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    Prayers for Calza-Possible Rabies Exposure

    Calza sniffed out a feral kitten on our evening walk. Instead of running, the feral kitten stood its ground and bit / scratched / clawed Calza. The fact that the kitten was feral and acted in the manner it did makes me worried that it was rabid. I mean, how many 4 month old kittens in their...
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    Premium for CNC Water Test is UP!

    The CNC is holding a three day water test August 24, 25 and 26 at Codorus State Park in Hanover, PA. The Premium List is now online and may be found by going to and going to the Calendar of Events.
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    Pictures from the CNC's Spring Fun Day are UP!

    As mentioned, the pictures from the Colonial Newfoundland Club's 2012 Spring Fun Day are UP! They can be viewed by going to and clicking on the link to 2012 Spring Fun Day Pictures. This link is going to be on the top left hand corner of the main CNC page...
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    Pictures From National are UP!!!!!!

    I just got back from NCA National today and posted 70 pictures on the Colonial Newfoundland Club's Rescue page on Facebook. Feel free to go there and check them out. There are some familiar faces, like Marlis...
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    CNC Formal Water Training Seminar - June 9 and 10

    The CNC is going to be holding a Water Training Seminar on June 9 and 10, 2012. The location is Codorus State Park in Hanover, PA. Both CNC members and non members are invited. The registration form and additional information may be obtained by going to and looking at the...