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    Boston BARF

    We now live in the USA and having moved from Scotland and Ireland before that. Since arriving we're finding the cost of raw feeding here massively higher than it was at home and the quality of meat not so good. we've had lots of upset tummies, pooping and vomiting issues and I think its the...
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    Newf Travel Crate?

    hi folks been a long long time since I've been on here. Charlie is pushing 7 years old this summer and is going well. We are currently living in beautiful Scotland for the past 1.5 years and now we are very excited to be relocating to Boston MA (or greater area) later in the summer! we now...
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    Calling anyone from MA!!!! relocation advice

    hi guys we are considering a relocation from Ireland to Boston area, opportunity is there but weighing the pros and cons right now. as always top of the list is our two dogs. we will need to locate ourselves in an area that is dog friendly with all the amenities we would require. dog friendly...
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    Our new dog Tara (non newf)

    Everybody this is Tara. Following the passing of our beloved Molly at Xmas we were unsure if we’d ever get another dog our hearts were well and truly broken and continue to be. We sent Charlie to doggy day care 2 days a week to help him get over her loss and give him the doggy company he so...
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    Our dog thinks he's a sight hound!

    Charlie thinks he’s a sight hound. Our garden is visited daily by Hares which for a while Charlie would look out at and give the odd bark, then he started getting to the point he’d want to be allowed outside to posture and bark and the hares would run off. He would get all proud of himself and...
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    The Irish visit the USA!!

    Myself and Dawn were in Boston, Newport RI and NYC at the start of the month, here are some of my pics
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    Video Tribute To Molly

    Sorry its so long we just had nearly a thousand pics and was hard to keep it any shorter. When Molly passed on the 29th Dec 2011 we started compiling all her pictures and ended up with hundreds. We developed 400 of them and decided to make a slideshow with some. She was with us all the time...
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    Molly passed yesterday morning. she had done brilliantly up until december and then seemed to go downhill fast. she was very ill since xmas and was in the vets for 2 days trying to stabilise her vomiting and they think she may have picked up a bug thats on the go. she went quickly when it came...
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    Charlie Stinks

    This isn’t the usual he needs wash, has rolled in something stinky, has had an accident etc. He was groomed about 5 or 6 weeks ago as he seemed very smelly even though it had only been 3 months since his last grooming. A week or so later he stank again. Just a deep musty unpleasant dog odour. We...
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    Newfies In Very Hot Climates

    I've been presented with a possible office transfer to Dubai from Ireland. It is a big and very exciting oppertunity but the only limiting factor is Charlie and the year round heat there. if it happens its something we would be mad to turn down. temperature is mid 70's half the year and over...
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    Charlies Weight and Elbows: Update

    Update on Charlie since these original posts Charlies Overweight Charlies Hydro He is doing fantastically although if he was typing this post he’d say he was dying of starvation!! Since...
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    Mollys Kidney Failure: Update

    Original Thread Update on Molly and her Kidney Failure. Thankfully its so far so good its been 3 months now since she was diagnosed and she is doing very well. We have her on a strict regime of homeopathic...
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    Raw/BARF Sample Diets

    Could people post up here what they feed their newfs, it would greatly help anyone wanting to or currently feeding Raw/Barf to get sample diets from others. Maybe make a sticky of it. it would also help people who are feeding wrongly as it is a learning curve with BARF. Right our diet for...
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    Which Mars Coat King?

    So much choice and on ebay one seller is saying 30 blade for newfs another saying 8 blade for newfs and i read here that 18 blade. can anyone advise 18 8...
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    Molly Has Kidney Probs

    Spare a thought today for our little “Doll”. Molly is going into the vets today for further tests on her kidneys as she had a blood test yesterday and it showed up problems with her kidneys. We’re worried sick it has gone too far and are fearing the worst but trying to stay positive until we...