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  • OK - this is my shameless attempt to chat.......If I said that I wanted to chat about raw, would you give me your phone number ????
    Happy Birthday!!!! You need to post on Julie's thread....You Know your a dog person when... It's your birthday and you say you wish the Newfs were with you instead of your kids and grandkids. ;) right there with you girl.
    A most rewarding birthday and I expect you and crew will be up..something good!! ina
    I'm glad to hear that about Toby and Alden! It should be a good time in Michigan. I know I had a ton of fun in Rhode Island last year.

    We sure did miss being at the draft test at the beginning of the month. Riley might have made it! Angus definitely would have. Damn this job! Maybe November. We're here in PR until at least the end of September...maybe longer. The boys are getting used to it. It's not that different from home and they definitely like me not heading to the airport every other week. We are having Excellent Adventures! Until Shawn and Uwe get here...the boys are the only Newfs on the island!
    Yes, I have been lucky enough to get Toby through his knee rehab, and Alden through her heat cycle without unwanted events. So I'm free to fly next week. Sorry to hear you won't be there. Missed you at the draft test too! Maybe next time...
    How do the boys like P.R.? And how long are you there?
    Tootsie went into heat on the 20th. Julie's watching her and we are hoping she'll be ready and we can drive there on Saturday after we show since we will already be over half way there!!! :)
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