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    WARNING: Disturbing Newfy pictures

    I'm sorry about alarming you but if you're squeamish about seeing neglected and abused Newfs, you may not want to see these pictures. They were sent to me from the kind folks at Fallon Animal Shelter where they found this poor girl starving, neglected, possibly abused and wandering the streets...
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    Setting the record straight

    I've gotten more than a few emails regarding this picture featured at my site and I just want to say - NO, my husband is not doing anything "perverted" with our dog and NO he is not naked!! As you can see, he is a weight-lifter. He wears gym shorts that are, well...short...and as a result, our...
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    How to photograph your Newfy

    <UL TYPE=SQUARE> Remove film from box and load camera. Remove film box from puppy's mouth and throw in trash. Remove puppy from trash and brush coffee grounds from muzzle. Choose a suitable background for photo. Mount camera on tripod and focus. Find puppy and take dirty sock...
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    Shave and a haircut...two bits!

    Just brought Bear back from his yearly shaving to cut out all the old, dead fur so a new coat can grow in for the Spring. He hates me. Nani just finished the rinsing bath we gave her and the mud residue in the tub is not to be believed! Anyway, these are two of my "kids" - 11 year old chow, Bear...
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    Puppy Scouts

    So I'm surfing around on the Net trying to find some fun events, activities, whatnot to involve Nani in (for the summer) and I found Dog Scouts of America! It's a summer camp for your pooch and they have things like fingerpainting, dance lessons, cooking lessons (dog recipes ), swimming...
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    My new website,, is open for business! Enjoy, enjoy! Kanela P.S.) Let me know if you guys have any problems viewing it as it requires a FLASH plugin. I've provided the link for the free download. ------------------ "To err is human. To forgive, canine."...
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    Puppy Bowl!

    I think I'm still going to go with the over. LOL! Feb. 19th 10 pups 8 Landseer & 2 Blacks. Good luck, everyone! Kanela ------------------ "To err is human. To forgive, canine."
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    Hey, what happened to the stories?

    Ok, ok. I know you guys have busy lives what with work and raising Newfs (and we wouldn't have it any other way, right? ) but I just want you to know that my new site will be online in just a couple more days and...well, I haven't received a SINGLE Newfy story! C'mon, guys. I'm not asking...
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    Breed All About It

    For anyone who was unable to watch Animal Planet's wonderful segment about Newfies, email me and I'll send you the zipfile containing the show in it's entirety. or Kanela ------------------ "To err is human. To forgive, canine."
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    Brother, can you lend me a story?

    Well I've finally caved in and started another website. I'll be honest; the previous one I had was pure nonsense. I had this whole internet "Goddess" persona and I even had an online job application if you wanted to be a slave at The Temple (the name of my old website) and...well, I needn't bore...
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    My first question! Woo hoo!

    After everything I've read and everyone I've spoken with about Newfies, you'd think this subject would come up - sterilization. But alas, no, so here's my question: How long do I need to wait before getting Nani spayed? She turns 10 weeks tomorrow. I brought her to see my family vet today to...
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    Nani's first home movie! Kinda...

    Wow. There have been quite a few heart-wrenching stories lately, I thought I'd try to cheer you guys up with a little home movie Mr. Kanela made of Nani and the backyard sprinklers. It's pretty much a "blink your eye and you'll miss it" avi file but it's guaranteed to make you smile! Let me know...
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    Newfy Countdown

    What? Not another newbie! Why yes it is!! Hi everybody. Was just surfing around, looking for Newfy stuff when I found this place quite by accident. This is great! I love the fact there's a Newfoundland forum where people can meet to trade anecdotes, advice and whatnot. They're the angels of the...