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  • Hi Laurel,

    Hate to bother you, but I did not put down what Niki Hardin's handle is. So, I don't know if she received the gifts for Riser.

    Could you please tell me what her handle is?

    Sent Riser his gifts that should have arrived last Monday, 12/06.
    We just got a dusting here in Williamsburg. It was nice and COLD for the CNC Draft test on my birthday... The dogs loved it.

    As you well know, I am very bad on this machine. Would you please re send my Secret Santa partner and the particulars? I am sorry but I can't seem to find the info.

    Hi Laurel! I am a day late, but if there is still space, I would love to do the Secret Santa thing. If not, I understand. Thanks so much. My email is

    Hi Laurel,
    I am so sorry but I had issues with my computer and lost your email with the registration form. could you possibly resend. again, my sincere apologies for the inconvenience
    Hello, Miss Laurel.....sign us up for Secret Santa! Another fun-filled Holiday season!

    Thanks!! Hey...what's your schedule for the rest of the week?
    Hmmm... The one I have is probably not hi-res... I'll send it to you and what will be, will be :)
    Hi BoundlessNewfs!
    Just saw my Happy Birthday message! A little late, but thank-you! :)
    Thank you all so much. I've had a wonderful birthday. One friend got an overnight bag for me to use when Tiika is visiting her sister or traveling with us - like to Michigan in May! She put Nfld tartan on one side of the red bag with Tiika's name embroidered on it. Another friend gave me a glass cutting board with two Newfs on it. It looks exactly like Splash trying to get her sister Tiika to play! John gave me a GPS for my van so we don't get lost going to Frankenmuth - going there is really my big 60 birthday present! I also got a wonderful set of wooden wind chimes and other miscellaneous gifts - a great day! thank you all for your good wishes.
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