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    Question about Ortho Vet?

    Anybody know of a good Vet around the Washington DC/Baltimore/PA area for OFA hip and elbow x-rays? A "Golden Retriever person/friend" who lives in Bethesda MD is looking for a Vet that takes good quality OFA films for their dog. If you know of one who does it without anesthesia or sedation...
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    For those buying their first Newf puppy!!!

    If you're considering buying a Newf puppy PLEASE go to this site first. Make sure you click every one of the titles on the left side of the page. Or click every link in blue below! (They're copied from the site above) This is information that every prospective new...
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    LOST NEWF - Saginaw TX - REWARD!

    Cross-posting, please share with your TX friends. Facebook link is below as is all contact information! Thank you! CROSS POSTING FOR A FRIEND. PLEASE SHARE!!! Newfoundland Lost in Saginaw, TX- NOTE: Owners were visiting for the holidays. They're not from the area, so the phone numbers may...
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    Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 IS USM F/4.5-5.6 L IS USM Lens

    I'm going to sell my lens and wanted to post it here first in case anyone is interested. Used lenses of the same type are being sold on eBay for an average of $1050. Please let me know if you're interested. It's been used about 4x since I've owned it. It's in perfect condition, and I have...
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    Newf Wins Working Group at Crufts!

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    Donations sent from the NN GTG in Ocean City MD

    OK...after adding up the proceeds for the raffles, the store, the "matching donations" for the store, and then accounting for the cost of packaging and shipping to the winners of the raffles....we have sent two rescues, SCNR (South Central Newfoundland Rescue), and Newf Friends (Sandra...
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    A few pics of Cole and one of Mira

    Since we've had some beautiful days, I thought I'd go out and get some shots of whomever I'm out with. Well...I got 4. Total. Cole had allergy eyes and didn't want to BE outside so he just sat there staring at the back door, and Mira decided to take a swim behind my back. So these are the...
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    Raffle Winners from the OC GTG

    CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners, and THANK YOU to all who participated! I also want to thank ALL of the very very generous donators to the raffles. We had a lot of AWESOME items and had a very successful fundraiser. And many thanks to Drulzelot (Donna H) for ALL of her help running...
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    OC GTG Fri pics

    This is a public link for Facebook. You don't need to be a FB member to see them: People were still arriving until midnight. It's windy, rainy (intermittently) and COLD. Tomorrow it's supposed...
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    NN GTG Ticket Sales cut off this FRIDAY!

    Raffle ticket sales cut off through Pay Pal is this coming Friday at Noon. I have to leave around that time, and the signal at the GTG wasn't working for me last year, so I have to cut off sales so I don't miss anyone! I'd hate to have someone send $$ and not get into the raffle because I...
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    Two New Additions to the Custom Raffle

    A friend of Deb Jacobs (Landseergirl) has generously donated two items of her custom jewelry for the GTG Raffle. These items are from FrazerB Handcrafted Jewelry: This is 10mm olive quartz wrapped in 24k gold vermeil. It is approximately 30" long. Retail value $250...
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    Only 5 days left!

    To get your raffle tickets for the OC GTG! Pay Pal closes next Friday at noon. Checks are accepted, but must be here in time for the drawing! Here's the information about the tickets for those who wish to purchase! Thank you!
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    Frankie, Chance and Lucy

    Frankie is now 17 months old. Chance is 13 years old. He's a rescue and has been with us for 5 years now: Lucy is a 10.5 year old Toller and acts like she's 3. LOL She came with Chance (they were a "pair") to live with us 5 years ago:
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    Your PM box is full! Just wanted to let you know I got your check today for the NN GTG Raffle Tickets! Thank you! The drawings will be held Saturday night (the 29th) and I'll post a list of the winners here as soon as I can. I might not get a signal there (couldn't last year), so if that's...
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    Awesome Newf Painting!

    Want it? You can win it! It was painted by Cindy Williams (Pipelineozzy) and is 16 x 20 Acrylic on canvas, unframed. Just go here for raffle ticket information! Remember, all proceeds benefit Newf Rescue!