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    Katala turned 13

    We are doing well. We are out in the Seattle area and have been here for about 10 years. I am now working for F5 they do networking and security software and hardware, pretty good gig. Sharon is still working remote with groups in DC and CA. We spend a huge amount of time with the glass...
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    Katala turned 13

    A little belated but this may Katala (my brown rescue) turned 13. These days things are a lot slower for her as she is losing her backed but she still has that spark. Our boy Kilrain will turn (grey blind rescue) 13 in December. Blessed to have these two.
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    Archie's in the news again

    Here's a new article on Archie, the therapy dog at Casa Pacifica, the center for abused and neglected children Archie? He's the dog star
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    Service Dog organizations in Northern Virginia

    Folks I am part of an employee group at work centered around folks of differing abilities. We are looking to have a fair at work and bring in organizations that can help with accessibility and the like. Does anyone have any connections with a group in my area that would be willing to come in...
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    Snowboarding (small prayers)

    This weekend my son wiped out snowboarding and broke part of the shoulder joint on the humerus. Prayers requested that it all works out (he is at the ortho docs right now). He is fine (and a tad frustrated) but I think his rowing season is going to take a major major hit. Thanks much...
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    Big Day for Kimber and Moose.

    Today Kimber turns 9 and Moose turns 12 (we think) Kimber was born on the same day we got Moose from the shelter so we celebrate for them both today. We have been blessed with them both. ART
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    Dogs are getting too smart.

    I have to out Newfmom here..... You know the dogs are too smart when they watch your wife knit (nasty habit by the way :D ) and the dogs know to wait until she is at the end of a row to jump up and ask for food, to go out.... No lie this really is happening and it is really weird...
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    SCAM Detection

    Folks Just as a public service here are some basic ways to detect scams. These are by now way complete but here are some basics. I will use an "EBay Registration Suspension Notice" as an example 1) No legitimate business asks for the following over an email a) your soc or sin number...
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    Check out the Telegram - St. Johns

    Folks check out the home page for the St. Johns Newfoundland Telegram.
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    Info on Vancouver BC

    Anybody out there from Vancouver? I have a friend there that may want me to come out there for a job. Nothing definite yet but I am trying to figure out if it is even a possibility. Things I am particularly interested in is what is the school situation (my son is 15). What is the housing and...
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    Site for GAD and Greg

    Folks Can't really say why but GAD and Greg just jumped in to my mind after seeing this site. You decide if it was just coincidence.... ART
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    Moosiversary & Kimber's Birthday

    Folks Today is the one year anniversary of us getting Moose (our rescue) and is also Kimber's birthday (she is not a rescue). I want to celebrate and thank you folks. Thank you for your advice when we got moose, thank you to Moose's godmothers (the ones out in CA and NV and the one that went...
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    Moose, Chipmunk, and ACL

    Hi folks Just got off the phone with newfmom. Moose totally tore out his ACL on the back leg this morning. Keep him in your thoughts. ART
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    Remember Gift Matching when Contributing for Katrina

    Folks Just a reminder, check with your workplace before making a contribution for Katrina. Many companys are matching the contributions of their employees. ART
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    Prayer request for Sharon's (newfmom) grandmother

    Newfmom asked me to pass along the news that here grandmother passed away today. After a long fight with her illness it was time. In the end it was very peaceful with the medical staff doing a great job of controlling her pain and allowing her to pass on with the same dignity that she lived...