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    Today would have been my late husbands 76th birthday... In 2012, August 21st was the last time we saw goofy Charlie alive. He went to the Bridge the morning of the 22nd. It was the beginning of the worst three months of my life. Just over 3 weeks after Charlie left us, on September 16th, I...
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    Good boy, Asher

    Yesterday, I had Asher at the vet for his OFA's. When I picked him up, we were in the lobby getting ready to leave and a woman came in with three dogs; a terrier mix, a boxer and a rather tall Lab. The only dog leashed was the terrier! As soon as the Lab saw Asher, he lunged and growled. I...
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    He's officially a "terrible two"

    I can't believe that Asher is already two! It's been a heck of a ride but, I wouldn't trade him... Oh, and don't let the innocent look fool you, I'm sure he's plotting his next adventure (with or without my approval) ;)
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    It's that time of year...

    Ewwww This morning I pulled the first slug of the season from Asher's coat:uhoh2:. He was on the couch next to me when I spotted it. YUK!!!!
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    :) Happy Mother's day

    Happy Mother's day to all the moms :) Hope you have a great day filled with love and happiness.
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    Asher update...

    Well, besides a major coat blowing going on, Asher seems to be doing well. I took him to an Integrative medicine vet yesterday (holistic/alternative). She gave him aquapuncture treatment and some Chinese herbs to take. Asher will be on the herbs for 3-4 weeks before we start weaning him off...
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    Birthday boy :)

    Asher is one year old today :) He's my sweet little goofball and I love him to pieces:heart::heart::heart:
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    Waiting for test results :(

    Asher spent the night at the vet last night... He was having clusters of seizures :( My vet thinks it is either epilepsy or a liver shunt... Please keep my little goof ball in your thoughts. The test results should be in within the next hour or so. My poor, sweet little handful...
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    My cutie

    Thought it was time I posted a recent pic of Asher. This was today, between rain showers.
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    I'm in trouble!!!!

    I knew it would happen... Asher has figured out how to open drawers. I heard an odd sound in the kitchen a few days ago and walked in to discover the drawer to the microwave stand open and "destructo pup" eating the dishwasher manual:shocker: Yesterday, he discovered what his back legs are...
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    Silly question...

    When do Newfoundlands feet reach full size? I ask because, I have a tattoo with Max, Charlie and Koda's paw prints on my back and want to add Asher's but, want to wait until his feet are adult size.
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    Still cute :)

    It's been some time since an Asher update... He's 8 months and almost 91 pounds. Love him to pieces!!!
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    I was just checking Asher to see how many adult teeth he has and saw that one of his puppy canines is still in and the adult tooth is as big or bigger. Is this something I should take him to the vet for or wait until all his adult teeth are in? I would think that it would mess up his bite to...
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    One year ago today

    It's hard to believe that a year ago I awoke to find Max in the back yard and as I put my hand on his side, he took his last breath. I miss my boy so much... He was here for far too short a time. We shared a path in life that was wondrous. He enriched my life and expanded the capacity of my...
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    Proven weight loss technique...

    I took Koda in for some vaccines this last Wednesday and when he was weighed, he had lost just over two pounds :) This, considering he is eating 1.5 cups more food in a day!!! The secret? Get a puppy!!!! Asher is a great fitness "program". All of you that need to trim down an adult, get a...